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LiVES 1.3.10 VJ Software on MAC OSX (Unix/Darwin) (English)

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LiVES 1.3.10 VJ Software on MAC OSX (Unix/Darwin) (English)

Mensaje  Admin el Sáb Ene 08, 2011 1:25 pm

Hello again

At least we could have installed the exceptional tool for generation of video and visual live effects LiVES

We have realized the installation in a MacBook Pro 1,8 Ghz Core Duo 32 bits with Leopard Snow 10.6.5, also we are going to need X11 updated, installed Xcode and MacPorts

For this, we have followed those steps, first of all download the software in the adress above indicated and access to the folder, once it is decrompressed

$ cd downloads/lives-1.3.10

We compile with

$ sudo ./configure --prefix=/opt/local

If we have not installed Pulse Audio and Jack LiVES will send us a notice, it is not imprencisdible in order that LiVES works but if you want audio on LiVES, you will need it.

$ sudo make

In this case we had to modify the values off64_t and eliminate "64" in all the lines in which it appears in


If the errors appears, the route to find these files is

after changing the values with xcode, start from the begining with ./configure... again and continue with

$ sudo make install

And finally, to open the program, we write lives in a terminal window


or, if you want, you can try downloading the modified packages:

new link:


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